Iam A Recovering Procrastinator

Having finished the first half of law school, Iam taking a moment to raise a glass of a non toxic drink to crossing over & going to half time.
I have definitely taken a blogcation and with that a list of reasons. What snapped me out of it is good old unreliable UMEME. The reasons range from having a two weeks exam marathon,to consenquencial laziness,to phone issues and finally my new found obsession with David Oguttu’s blog over at howdaudiseesit.tumblr.
Damn its good so much so that the night before my land transactions exam about 2:am( is that morning?) I found myself reading his blog instead of the source book on Land Law I had borrowed from the library.Worth it? Hmmmm let’s see what the results have to say about that in July.
Here is another stalkerish move I pulled,I got a tumblr app & signed me up just so I can be able to follow the blog. Ya that is creepy & the fact that am writing about it is scary.Point is go over there & read it because I want to be that kind of blogger when I grow up.
Hopefully I can move on from my blog-crush and actually write something.
Just recently I celebrated my birthday which was short & sweet thanks to my Chicky Counsel & Kunsa who took me out for a platter of all things meat & icecream despite that it was 24hrs before the jurisprudence exam.( I really need to stop making such a big deal about it because as it turns out,it was a normal 3hr exam & it wasn’t printed on scrolls or stone tablets).

The thing about it though, is the undeniable realization of how far I have come as a person but let’s leave my personal evolution story for another day.

There is something that happens to me whenever I think of writing something down.I either don’t want to deal with looking for where my nephew & his awesome organizational skills have put my pen & journal, or I realize that daytime television is not so vain or that it’s about the time for the day’s edition of Cruize Control on Power FM. Let’s just say finding an excuse is never a problem.The English word is “procrastination”.

I was sharing with a friend of mine how I downloaded an application form for an NGO I would love to intern with and somehow I have not filled it and my reason was I am a recovering procrastinator,to which he said there is no such thing refusing to even give me points for creativity.
I have acquiesced to this disaster and its time to get it together so here Iam. Its a thief of time for real (read 4 riyo).In my experience it’s only the important things that I put off..
Things like spending time with God, making a phone call to mother dearest without an ulterior motive, getting done with my pile of work, sending my intern application or even dusting the cobwebs off of this blog. Clearly its not healthy,a habit no child of God is allowed to have. ( Yes Iam taking the spiritual route for this one)

Listen, the good book says we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood but rather principalities, and strongholds, things that may be infiltrated in our spirit. Every time we put something off we are creating a window for the devil to toy with our time.We just add to the pile of stuff we have do at a time we are not sure of and when we have to its stressful because well its a pile. Stress breeds panic & exasperation all which are not our portion.
I think I have made my point so what now.

STEP 1-Just stop.
So there is no 12-step programme. Am sure there is one on Google or something but am sorry I don’t think this bad habit should be given that much credit.
Reason? Its a decision every time.
No one ever holds a gun to my head to procrastinate,I just consciously or unconsciously elect to.
Joyce Meyer says; “The only way to break a bad habit is to create a new one”. This time there is no need to go good new habit fishing, because you can just do the opposite starting with simple things. A friend usually tells me that if something is going to take less than five minutes, just go ahead and do it in that moment, like that phone call to mother dearest, then it just grows.

We truly can do all things through Christ who gives us strength including not procrastinating (I have written the word too many times. So let me go fill that application form because Iam a recovering procrastinator one decision at a time.


  1. kunsapaul

    Nice nice! Hehe! But let’s get into a habit(an new one I believe) of sending(what sapping) the links of our posts to our friends. Okilaba otya?đŸ’€

    1. Post
  2. Bruno Edgard

    Well……… this is pretty inspiring, iam an affluent procastinator and this post had made me realise that its easier to cure than i think, thanks Fifi

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