We like to think we have evolved
Become better than we were
Years ago
We like to think we have finally garnered approval from our peers
We like to think that the rest of the world looks at us with more respect
Less disdain, less pity, less eye-rolling
But the truth is we haven’t evolved
We have just changed
So  much that we can’t recognize who is staring  back at us in the mirror
We bought ourselves a face and wore it
We got some good old paint and became artists
Designing the version of who we think will be more acceptable
We sold our conscience piece by piece to the highest bidder of approval
We boxed our truth and shipped it off to this vast & unquenchable hole called “fitting in”
We forgot that the more you give in,the more truth gets far from you
We don’t like who we have become We think we do,but we go to bed at night wondering what we can do to find ourselves again

The truth is we have not evolved
Evolving means transformation
It means development
But have we really?
We have  doubted what we deserve
Because it seems above realistic
Above approval rate standard
Above what is acceptable
Above conformity
Too above what is expected
We have subscribed to gossip sites
We have allowed that its not anything if its not mediocre
We are proud of average
Of just enough to get by
The opinion of the one looking back at us in the mirror has been substituted
For the number of likes on Facebook or retweets
Its not that we have a double standard
Its that we chose a standard
A perfectly conducive spot
On the average scale
So no we think we have evolved
But I think we have just changed


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  1. Murorwa Dickens

    Everyday I read a piece from u, there is a freshness. The originality is undeniable. I love your writing. Keep it coming dear.

  2. Post

    Thank u very much sir
    This was my attempt at poetry
    I love the idea of you actually reading
    I appreciate
    And am surely taking that punctuation class we talked about

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