I wanted this to come off seeming/ sounding really poetic but apparently ‘poet of the year’ is not one of my credentials. That being said I surprised myself and ended up at the law dinner.
How? I have no idea but all I know is that a free ticket presented itself & I just thought my mother taught be better manners than the rudeness of turning it down.
So I got dolled up the best way a girl who has had the same hair style (read dreadlocks are the best) for close to two years knows how,waited for my ride( oh ya that was also a deal on the table) and headed to MacKinnon Suites.
Two minutes in or what seemed like hours,I was bored to bits not for any apparent reason except the usual this “kind of thing is definitely not my type” and “my shoes killing me like this is in no way ever going to make sense in the name of beauty”.
Contrary to my typical self at formal events with lots of speeches, I decided to pay some attention. I actually did want to learn something because I needed to believe that you cannot pay that much money for an event,( for whoever did), have so much energy and time go into it only that you can have a meal outside of the normal setting.
Trying is what I did and so here are a few lessons am learning/ I have learnt from what law school dubbed as “Glamour at MacKinnon” a.k.a The Law Dinner

I.I may have found a perfect venue for the first event I will ever organize.
Notwithstanding my non-existant interior design skills and how much I havent had that much travel to exotic places,this place is just downright gorgeous.
Its very ambience is where I want to spend the rest of my life, thenย  there is the chandelier hanging at the centre like its glued to the sky and then water or whatever running through the glass roof like rain except that its not pouring on you don’t even get me started on the decor…
So ladies and gentlemen if you intend to throw me any of these lavish things; grad party ( hope you mine sisters and mummy dearest are paying attention),bridal shower (Chicky Counsel and Mercy pay close attention) or any such related matters,you guys are welcome because I just ticked one thing off of your to do list ( read venue)

2. Iam definately not the glamour type
It didn’t hurt to try or actually make a real effort to get myself dinner ready but when I actually got there all I kept thinking about was how I need to get back and catch up on my season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy and I promise it had nothing to do with the company.
I was at this dinner with some of my favorite people from law school and despite all efforts to keep my mind in the game,all I could think about was “where is my Grey’s marathon?” So clearly fashion forward outfits, high heels, bright & shiny jewellery,sitting on amazingly decorated tables cross -legged or not is a thing my DNA isn’t in conformity with.

3. The number one duty of a lawyer is to make money.
There was some resounding truth in the only speech I paid attention to by one of Uganda’s finest lawyers (Senior Counsel Kirkland Katende). May be it even had nothing to do with what he said but his delivery.The point is we can’t accomplish our save the world’s orphans, widows and poor dreams if we can’t save ourselves. So am going to get me those lawyer cheques sooner rather than later so that all my dreams don’t end up in a pile of regret

4. You should always utilise the first opportunity to strike a pose at that red carpet.
Photos, poses not really my comfort zone but well there was a red carpet ( or something like that) addition to this dinner and when I first got there I avoided the camera like a plague but later my friends who had carried their posing A-game coerced me into taking pictures and guess what? The camera guy thought that it was a good time to be charging his camera.The heck? So whenever you get the chance to stand at the end of a red carpet, and have someone who is going to ask you to pay for it take a really nice picture of you,please do because you never know when he will need to charge that picture- taking machine.

Well I thought I had more lessons up my sleeve, but except that there is always some one with a shorter dress than yours in the room so don’t bother pulling yours down, because its really embarassing nothing more comes to mind.
So that was my first and probably last law dinner experience.


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  1. kunsapaul

    Komusana hihihi! You actually made me laugh for a minute. Wait it was free??๐Ÿ˜ฑ what happened to The Olivia Pope .๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰.
    For the record, the after party was fun. Well at least the “girls” in short dresses were doing there best to even make them shorter๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰. Nice write up.

  2. AtimMercy

    last law dinner experience??… nice write up Fionah…. made a mental note on the bridal shower thingy… i like number three.. its so true. As for number four.. glad u learnt that!. loll

  3. Post

    Kunsa I got a near compliment from you .What’s wrong my friend are you dying?.
    Thank you & I have no doubt that you have utmost gratitude for the makers and wearers of those top excuses for dresses
    And free is what it all was

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  5. Hope Jakisa

    I always love reading your pieces I wish you would write daily (haha). I totally agree with everyone esle… lovely piece. And about your last law dinner experience, I am so draging you for Law dinner in fourth year!! nice lessons learnt!

    1. Post

      Dragging me is a welcome challenge Hope
      That’s a lot of confidence in me when u say I should write on a daily so thank you very much..
      I will try it in the four months vacation

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