Celebrating Joel

Its been a while since I wrote or typed( I never really know what to say-one of my excruciatingly painful life struggles is picking words- because that’s a real struggle)
Truth is I surely wrote/typed a few  things from,my mum,to losing the moot competition, to how every woman is supposed to find something happy about 8th March but they all ended up into something WordPress likes to call “local draft”.
Then Sunday happened ( which makes no sense considering to day is Tuesday, I mean would expect me to have written/typed this on Sunday) but we already established my writing skills have a way of taking a vacation when they don’t need to be.

What happened Sunday?Joel’s birthday.
Who is Joel? Some guy who am writing an entire 2nd post about which makes a lot of sense because normal people blog about their friends.
Anyway Joel is my friend that I have known for just about two years and as much as celebrating him is easy writing about it wasn’t so much because well he will be leaving law school soon so it became a bit too bittersweet to write about on Sunday.
I also wanted to first wait for his reaction to the surprise in fellowship yesterday so I can draw some inspiration and it really didn’t disappoint.

Celebrating Joel is really easy for so many reasons and everyone in fellowship seems to agree.

1.Joel is the god of law( up until yesterday I had no idea there was such a thing but when more than one person says something it probably carries some truth). For me Joel is the guy who gave me a run down of my coursework question before I even asked he is that in sync with the law or he is just a really brainy person & wow has he made my last two years at UCU a cup of tea?
So Joel in April when your done please stay I need you to still take me through my 3rd & 4th year coursework.

Joel the person
I neeeded to get Joel- the god of  law out of my way before I get to the best part.
Outside of the law Joel is also anything but ordinary.
There is a genuine originality about almost every thing he does or says that is just refreshing ( there is really no China version to this guy).
The world lately is very accommodative of fakeness that sometimes its really hard to even tell if anything or anyone with some genuineness still exists.
I have been lucky to have met someone that has made me a believer that real still exists.
That belief is not just something that goes a way its a lasting impression that am eternally grateful for.

Everyone in fellowship had something to say about this Joel human being, and while he sat there looking down the entire time,trying not to make any human contact,he eventually said he was very shocked that people can sit there and talk about him for close to two hours.
Well the guy is pretty modest for the awesome person that he is.(How does someone be soo amazing and not even realize people are paying attention?)
I guess what makes Joel as great of a person as he is,is that the greatness he exudes is effortless.
He never tries to be a good friend,its just who he is.

Then there is the story
Joel for me is a story written with indelible ink, not in books but on hearts of people. He has never been afraid to share who he is, his skills,his experiences, his love for poetry,his knowledge of God, his struggles or his passion and I have learnt that the only way you cause an impact on any one is by letting them in who you are and he has done just that.

So Joel,Joel Basoga- my papa C.J, my cell leader,my mentor but most importantly my friend,you have left a permanent mark on my heart and all the people in fellowship yesterday agree with me..so I celebrate you more than a blog post,a cake or anything for that matter can ever express.

There is no doubt in my mind that the only option in your life is greatness!!


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