Overcoming My excuse

Yesterday was valentines,oh wait,everyone knows that because apparently 78% of Ugandans celebrate this insane idea that you can savour all your life’s love in one day.
Put a bit of black & red on it (like seriously people came to class adoned in black &red,how refreshingly cliche’ is that?),some flowers natural or artificial (depends on your taste & wallet) some chocolate,dinner,a few last minute gifts and all your trouble is sorted.
Before I sound like a single girl on a rant, I would like to say I think the idea of valentine odd as it is,is kind of amazing save for the part where I disagree that it should be just a day,love should be celebrated everyday in a grand way.
Valentines should be the norm not the exception.I think the world would be a better,safer & warmer place with a daily dose of alot of love to go with it.
Anyway I spent the greater part of the day in the library getting done with some coursework that I have a whole two weeks left to hand in but well I have a resolution to put a pose on the whole procrastination thing because it has cost me a few things in the past. So help me God if I take that road one more time!
While I was still feeling super woman figuring out the coursework (more like taking down notes really) my favorite coolie Manjeet Kaur (read Kuwa) started stalking me into a post.I hear she is awaiting her weekly lugambo,like seriously this here is anything but lugambo if you want some of that feel free to grab yourself a copy of the Kampala sun I may even pay for it.
I started scouting around for inspiration and all the black & red around didn’t help and then I realized that for some reason I have been thinking a lot about my parents particularly my dad..( Pesh & Dear don’t give me the look,its not me its my mind taking a field trip).
In case your wondering my dad has a gold medal from that marathon called “Parent Takeoff” hanging somewhere in his living room so I don’t know but for a while my daddy’s little girl moments have taken a front row seat occupying abit of brain space.
The scepticism of whether this is something I should be writing about is with me even as I type but we are not who we are if we have not overcome a few life curve balls so Iam going to indulge myself in a bit of much needed therapy as I take a nostalgic trip down daddy lane..
My sister Dear is in the habit of reminding me of all the things we did as kids and call me scatter brain or whatever but half the time it all sounds made up because well I don’t remember most of my childhood though am sure it was perfect if there is such a thing apparently all I remember is what I wish had happened like getting a trip to Disney world as a birthday gift hahaha..
Her stories are really just a product of her amazing photographic memory that  unfortunately doesn’t run in the family what they do for me is just paint a picture, permanently erased, they also remind me that expecting perfection especially from people is a terrible idea.
I have a birthday coming up ( don’t you dare feign forgetfulness when I come asking for my gift because this is a subtle reminder) and this one in particular is very exciting because I have grown to over come fault-finding.
I spent a lot of my life doing that with my dad I blamed everything wrong on the fact that he payed his bail and just did just that,bail on me I mean, but I could just have taken the great memories like my sister and run with that.Nothing wrong with a momentary lapse of ” what if he was still here” but if the moment turns into two or four then Iam expecting perfection from someone who is anything but. None of us is perfect really except that we add some Jesus in the mix and He does all the work of perfecting us,but people are just that people,with flaws that they may not deal with in a way that is convinient for us  like daddy darling’s way.And although that may not be okay, its so much easier not to hold on to that and use it as our own weapon of mass blame & our excuse for not being the best version of ourselves.
So from my unsolicited opinion about valentine’s day, to overcoming procrastination, to  blurred childhood memories, to my dad I think my work here is done.


  1. Joel Basoga

    wow,i am in love with ur writing works-this is a really warm side of Fifi- not the gal we kno with an opinion on just about everything. For some reason I indentify with that little gal whose dad bailed out on her, quite a revelation and story u got right there, I have been inspired to stop hiding behind poetry and actually start real blogging..happy belated Valentines Dia

    1. Post

      Oh now am not blushing am actually teary.Thank you I had no idea I was edging up to the emotional & to say I inspired you speaks volumes.
      You have made a proud blogger out of me & I definately cant wait to read what you right! Too bad wordpress doeant avail smiley/teary face

    1. Post
  2. AtimMercy

    Nice… I envy your writing style. I wont stop telling you how much i love it… This is an inspiring write up. Its good to find the good out of bad situations… Lovely.

  3. kunsapaul

    If only you spent 1/2 the time you spend lugambolizing, on our briefs. The world would be a better place. Ate totulimba you b in lib maxing wifi. Not reading

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