From a place of Inspiration

There is a reason why the world or atleast parts of it swims everyday in a pool of mediocrity and so sitting at a wedding last week I discovered that it must be l a lack of inspiration.
I went on rampage (which is a total exaggeration) for what it means to be inspired and one particularly stood out which is “to blow breathe into or onto,to breathe in,to infuse with life,prompt towards a thought or feeling,have an animating effect on,impel towards creative efforts”.
That looked way easier to explain when I typed it but now its causing me ‘writer’s block.My understanding is that what is inspirational should fill you with a rare kind of enthusiasm,as powerful as life-giving breathe that it is impossible not to be super good at whatever it is your inspired to do.”Inspiration is a process which takes place when somebody hears or sees something that causes them to want to do or create something” .
Before this post turns out as another good old copy &; paste piece (we already have enough of those going around) here is what I know inspiration to be
Its a place.
Not the kind you will find on google maps or a GPS locator (as seen in the movies) but one that is within.I figured it has to be a place that exudes motivation to not just be good but excellent.

While discussing before an exam with my friends,the topic of what is good enough came up and interestingly everyone does think that topping the class is the measure but I politely disagreed because that doesnt cut it for me (for the record I have never topped my law class so I could be wrong). I mean its important to be motivated by that but that is pretty short-lived considering you have to graduate sometime.The bottom line is good enough is not good enough unless its the best that your abilities can supply…and now I feel like I am writing one of those similar motivation books.
The place of inspiration should be where excellence is inevitable because if doing or not doing something is not inspired,it reeks of mediocrity,you know what they say (I donot know who): either do it well or don’t do it at all.
Whatever is inspired has excellent qualities.
I have learnt a few things in the very short amount of time I have invested in learning and one of them is ‘the only reason you should do something is because you have been inspired to’ that sounds pretty philosophical but I like to think its the truth.The world has way too much mediocrity going on and we shouldnt be adding to the list of, absentee parents,poorly written & plagiarised books/movies,scripted reality shows,recycled lyrics in the name of music,foul language,unreliable service providers,obnoxious media personalities,sextapes,nude photos allover social media,ridiculous outfits,bread excuses for cake,tastless excuses for food,lame excuses for love,pathetic excuses for apologies &I could go on all year mentioning that but add to the list.
Iam just saying that life is too good for anything but excellence.Its a new year and we are all awash with resolutions that hardly hold to the first week of the year ( in my case I mean which is why I stopped making them) so here is an idea,just purpose to seek inspiration before you take on anything  in 2015 and just maybe you can pull off one of your resolutions maybe even two and just so you know,for all the help you need & can get,you always have God for that.

Happy 2015 I know its going to be.


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  1. mercy22214

    Nice write up fionah…. If it Isnt good enough, dont put your name On it. Å friend once told me tht “anything worth doing is worth doing well. So just wait till u will be able to do it well.” True.. with all this medoicrity we should only do stuff wen we get the inspiration. And about new year resolutions…. Lol. Same story here.

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